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Without Filter - This is what my life looks like! - A quarter wants to go up - Focus on Kaltenmoor

Kaltenmoor belongs to the romantic Hanseatic city of Lüneburg, but it is not the magnificent old buildings that are piling up here - it's the problems: Kaltenmoor has to deal with rival gangs, crime + drug trafficking. About 10,000 people live here. Every fourth of them is on the edge of the poverty line. About 80 nations collide on a few densely built-up square kilometres. Maggie Demir (56) is long-term unemployed + has lived half her life in Kaltenmoor. She is German-Turkish, was rejected by her parents as a young girl + ended up in an apartment on the 18th floor in the middle of the focal point. Maggie Demir has come to love the area despite everything and doesn't want to leave here today. Sandra Kemo (18) spent her childhood in the focal point. Until a few weeks ago she lived in one of the blocks together with her parents and her brothers. Her family has just fulfilled their long-cherished dream of having their own house. In the shadow of the high-rise buildings they now own a well-kept little row house with front garden + hunter's fence. Uwe Nehring (64) is the "caretaker" of the neighbourhood. As neighbourhood manager he has been the first problem solver on site for 20 years. Where is there once again wild garbage? Which caretaker has to be checked? Uwe Nehring knows the area better than almost anyone else - and fights every day anew to ensure that Kaltenmoor makes progress. Three people who are in one place + yet each in his own world. What happens when these three people meet can be seen in 'Ohne Filter - So sieht mein Leben aus | Ein Viertel wollen nach oben - Brennpunkt Kaltenmoor'.

Broadcasting on 17nd of March 2020 at 01.15am on RTL

Music: POPVIRUS Library