★ The Make Up Challenge

Let's Glow - Die Make-Up-Challenge

Mottoes: 'Colour Blocking', 'Fake freckles with light beachwaves': The first challenge today is 'Colour Blocking'. The make-up experts Boris Entrup and Alicja Lisiak want a look with intense colours. Jenny is scared because she prefers to block rather than apply hard colours. Dana is once again lagging behind and has to listen to herself to approach the task colourlessly. According to Boris Sevilay should "risk a fat lip" and Moni looks like a 'unicorn on LSD'. After the (first) challenge is before the (second) challenge. This is: "Fake freckles with light beachwaves." Dana should be able to score now, because naturalness is the key here. But the most important utensil is a toothbrush.

Broadcasting on 20nd of February 2020 at 04.00pm on VOX

Music: POPVIRUS Library