★ My life after stalking

Day X - My life after stalking + rent scams

The first episode of "Day X - My Life Afterwards" is about stalking, a crime that is increasingly coming to the fore + affects women in particular + about the perfidious scams of rent scammers which are making more + more people looking for a place to live. Stalking The 33-year-old Christine D. from Garmisch-Patenkirchen is harassed, threatened and persecuted for years by the ex-boyfriend + father of her child. How can you stop a stalker? The prevention expert Dirk Heinrichs provides information + also helps Christine with legal questions. Rent fraud Fraud Time and again, fraudsters lure their victims with false apartment advertisements. The student Victoria (22) has fallen for an ad on the Internet. Coach Dirk Heinrichs shows how to distinguish real from false advertisements and what to look out for on real estate portals.

Broadcasting on 20nd of February 2020 at 04.00am on ZDF Neo

Music: POPVIRUS Library