★ Grenzenlos-Docu on ARD

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Grenzenlos-Docu on ARD

As part of the ARD sport show, Peter Schlickenrieder presents his current report featuring the world’s best disabled ski athlete Anna Schauffelhuber who made it to the top through sheer ambition + a deep inner will. The film shows Anna Schaffelhuber’s from a very personal angle. Her incentive, her inner drive, her motivation. It is an inspiration for all handicapped with higher goals + how to achieve them.
Furthermore, the former ski pro points out the environmental significance in the world of nature + mountains. Sustainability is important, especially within the infrastructure of sports and leisure time. The viewers are treated to a breathtaking mountainous landscape as well as the flair of Austrian + in particular, Italian lifestyle, with all of their facets. 
The music for the documentary "Grenzenlos - Alpenüberquerung" with Paralymicstar Anna Schaffelhuber“ was compiled from the POPVIRUS Library. 

Anna Schaffelhuber at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi