★ For the sake of animals

For the sake of animals - Late happiness - Film by Britta Wulf

Late happiness for people + their beloved pets - how can this work? Is it possible - to grow old and live together until the end? We meet people who think about this + have found solutions.

What happens if people have to go to a retirement home + cannot take their beloved pet with them? And how do you deal with it when you know that the pets will live longer than you do? We meet people who try to find answers to these questions. Among others a man who always takes only old dogs from the shelter or a young couple who "adopted" the dog of an old lady who could not take it to the old people's home.

Karl-Heinz Voigt from Golzow has very special pets: he has several caimans living with him that will probably survive the Golzow. He is also already thinking about who will then take care of his animals.

Broadcasting on 15nd of March 2020 at 06.30pm + 18th of March 2020 at 4.10am on RBB/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library