★ Berlin and us!

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Berlin and us!

Four adolescents from Berlin + four from Afghanistan, Syria + Iraq between the ages of 11 and 16, share their everyday life for three months. Either together as a group or in teams of two, they do what young people all over the world like to do: have fun with each other, be curious about the other + be there for each other.
They were either accompanied by us with camera or they filmed themselves with smartphones + documenting really unique + entertaining moments.
The first sneak preview is on air on Oktober 17th at 8:10pm in 8 sequels. The online option will be available on zdftivi.de/berlin-und-wir  and will continually expand from the start.
The multimedia youth project regarding immigration is a ZDF + KIKA production.
POPVIRUS provided the music for this TV format  is very proud to medially support this project, to reach as many teens, families + opinion leaders in the media as possible.  Spread the virus!