★ Adventure Zugspitze

ZDF.reportage - Adventure Zugspitze - rush on Germany's highest mountain

Up to 7000 summit stormers every day - Germany's highest mountain is hot. For some it is pure pleasure, for others it is pure stress.

Transporting thousands and thousands of people to high alpine heights every day alone is a logistical challenge. In addition, there is the supply of food and drink and, time and again, necessary medical assistance.

Since 2017, visitors have been able to make their way to the summit in a new, ultra-modern cable car, alongside the historic rack railway. The construction cost 50 million - the Zugspitze sets new standards: no other aerial tramway overcomes a height difference of 1945 meters - even the only support on the route is a world record at 127 meters.

Broadcasting on 01st of March 2020 at 6pm on ZDF

Music: POPVIRUS Library